Year 2019

Myanmar 08/August/2019

Monsoon rains and increased river levels have triggered flooding in pockets across eight states and regions with evacuations in several townships. A cumulative number of 78,000 people were displaced to 186 evacuation centres in Kachin, Rakhine, Chin, and Mon states, as well as Bago, Sagaing, Mandalay and Magway regions, according to the national Department of Disaster Management (DDM)

Indonesia 14/July/2019

A strong, shallow earthquake struck eastern Indonesia on 14 July, damaging some homes and causing panicked residents to flee to temporary shelters. There were no immediate reports of casualties, and authorities said there was no threat of a tsunami. The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude 7.3 quake was centered 103 miles southeast of Ternate in North Maluku province, at a depth of just 6 miles. Shallow quakes tend to cause more damage than deeper ones.

Bhutan 20/June/2019

One (Thorthormi-Lake) of four potential dangerous lakes in the head waters of Phochu under the Punatsangchu is partially bridged 20th June night.The stability of the moraine walls surrounding the main lake is uncertain.The chief of hydrology and water resources division, Sangay Tenzin said this is because of the two subsidiary lakes that breached on the evening of June 20. There is erosion and an outflow from the subsidiary II lake, which could destablise the moraine dams of the main Thorthomi lake.

China 17/June/2019

The Mw 5.9 earthquake occurred on June 17, 2019, which leads to 13 people killed during the event, and more than 100 people wounded. The event is the largest one recorded around the area, at the southeast corner of the Sichuan basin. There is a long debate about the disaster occurred in the region in recent years, because of increasing shale gas extraction activities. Yet, it remains unknown about the interaction between the natural tectonic earthquakes and induced earthquakes in the region. But for the June 17th event, it seems occurred on a fold-and-thrust system. It is critical to reveal the earthquake characteristics by satellite data and help reduce the earthquake damages in this region.

Philippines 22/April/2019

At 5:11PM on 22 April 2019, A magnitude 6.1 earthquake shook the provinces of Zambales, Pampanga and vicinity. The epicenter was located at 15.02N, 120.34E, near Castillejos, Zambales with depth of 10 kms. Weak to very strong ground shaking was felt by nearby provinces and as far as Aurora and Laguna. Several damages to some buildings, roads and bridges were reported mostly near the epicentral area.

South Korea 04/April/2019

A wildfire in South Korea killed one person and forced more than 4,000 people to flee their homes, according to the Yonhap news agency.  The fire broke out in eastern Gangwon Province and spread to the seaside holiday city of Sokcho, burning about 385 hectares (950 acres) of land and 310 homes, warehouses and other buildings, Yonhap reported citing the government.

Flash flood occurred on 16 march 2019  in Indonesia’s easternmost province of Papua has killed nearly 100 people and dozens more still missing. The Sentani area near the provincial capital Jayapura has been hit by torrential rain has triggered the floods and nearly 10,000 people have moved to shelters.

Year 2018

Due to monsoon condition, heavy rainfall was recieved to South Western slope of Sri Lanka (average 200 to 300 mm in 24 hours), resulting heavy…

According to the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention, at 8:30 am on June 25, floods in the northwestern provinces have left…

Record heavy rainfall continued to pound western and central parts of Japan on 7 July 2018, leaving at least eight people dead and 46 others missing due to landslides and swollen rivers.

Oil spill occurred in southern of Thailand during 7-9 July 2018. It need to monitor oil spill in Pangan Province.

Northern Midlands of Vietnam and provinces from Thanh Hoa to Quang Binh will have heavy rains from 18-20 / 7, rainfall over the whole range from 300-350mm. Many areas may be subject to flash floods and flooding.

one dam in southern Laos collapsed and released all of its water in the reservoir to flood many villages below it. There have been confirmed death while over a hundred are still missing.

The water level of the Bago River reached the danger level in Bago 27th July, inundating low-lying areas and forcing over 2,450 families to move to shelters.

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the central island of Lombok at 05.47 local time (22.47 UTC) on Sunday (29/7/2018) (Source : BMKG). The epicentre was 50 Km north east of the City of Mataram…

The popular Indonesian resort island of Lombok, already under a weeklong state of emergency, was struck once again on Sunday by a powerful earthquake…

Whole province of Sakon Nakhon has been inundated (water levels from 70-200 cm), residential areas have been flooded….

The situation in Kerala state of India is worsened on Aug 10,2018 as all the five sluice gates of the Idukki dam were opened an shutters of over two dozen…

A tropical depression has been dumping torrential rain in central and southern Taiwan since 23th, with some districts receiving close to 1,000 millimetres (39 inches) of rainfall….

This time in Mekong Delta, their flood event is coming from upstream of the Mekong river….

The spillway of the Swar Irrigation Dam broken and washed away on 29th August 2018 around 5:00 AM. 80% of water from the dam breach out all days on 29th August…

Landslides resulting from a preliminary magnitude 6.7 earthquake early Thursday on Japan’s Hokkaido island buried a “large” number of homes…

Year 2017

Nonstop heavy rain due to Typhoon Paolo (Lan) hit Dumaguete City and other parts of Negros Oriental…