Indonesia | Flood | 08/May/2020

JAKARTA – Floods hit six villages in a number of sub-districts in the city of Banda Aceh on Friday (8/5) this morning, around 07.00 WIB. The Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA) reports that rain with high intensity triggered the flood. Until 10:15 WIB, puddles have not subsided. Areas affected by the floods are in Lampaseh and Merduati villages in Kuta Raja sub-district, Blang Oi village in Meuraksa sub-district, Neusi and Peuniti villages in Baiturrahman sub-district and Batoh in Leung Bata sub-district. BPBA reports that the local government is still collecting data on impacts, victims and conditions on the ground. Raditya Jati Head of BNPB’s Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center

Indonesia | Flood | 25/February/2020

Heavy rain that flushed Jakarta since monday night caused a number of areas affected by flooding , including the area around the National Monument (Monas), Central Jakarta. Based on information from the Twitter account@TMCPoldaMetro until 07.00 WIB this morning, water as high as 20-30 centimeters (cm) inundated Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur in the direction of East Monas, precisely in front of the Pertamina building. As a result, traffic around the area has stalled.

Indonesia | Flood | 01/January/2020

Beginning of the new year 2020 most of the Greater Jakarta area was surrounded by floods after high-intensity rain occurred since Tuesday (31/12). Based on an early warning report on weather forecasts issued by the Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) previously, the Jabodetabek area is expected to rain with medium to high intensity at the end of the year to the beginning of the year.