GIC is excited to announce three new free online training courses for 2020.

The courses are perfect for anyone looking to add to their personal geospatial toolset. Courses focus on current topics for geospatial professionals including Deep Learning, Google Earth Engine, and Python-based geospatial data analysis.

The training courses were developed by GIC’s machine learning expert, Mr. Lakmal Deshapriya. The courses are free and accessible online 24/7 at the GIC Website Training Page and on GIC’s Github page.

  • Deep Learning for Satellite Image Analysis
    The deep learning course covers the fundamentals of applying machine learning to satellite image analysis. Participants begin with basic regression analysis and progress to neural networks, CNN’s, and U-Net for building extraction & landcover mapping. Those who have prior experience with Numpy and linear algebra are set to gain the most from this course. Please note that Deep Learning algorithms tend to be resource hungry, so access to a computer with a decent GPU / Google Colab is a plus.
  • Basics of Google Earth Engine
    The Google Earth Engine Course provides an introduction to vector and raster data manipulation with the Google Earth Engine Code Editor. Participants will use Javascript to access the vast catalog of satellite imagery available in Earth Engine, create charts for data visualization, and complete a water extent analysis case study.
  • Python for Geospatial Data Analysis
    The Python course teaches participants how to use the scripting language to perform common tasks with vector and raster data that they would ordinarily perform in a GIS with a graphical user interface. Users will gain experience accessing some of the most popular Python libraries for geospatial analysis, including numpy, gdal, matplotlib, and geopandas.