Applying Space-Based Technology (SBT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Strengthen Disaster Resilience

Project Period: Oct 2015- Oct 2017
Countries: Armenia, Bangladesh, Fiji and the Philippines
Client: ADB


The project aims to assist piloting countries to improve local capacity to collect and share reliable and timely disaster-related data using SBT and ICT at a local government and community level in a more cost-effective manner to strengthen their disaster resilience and support timely post-disaster response, recovery, and reconstruction efforts. The following activities are carried out: i) Develop a mobile application for preparing community-based OSM base map; ii) Develop a mobile application to collect attribute data for buildings and critical infrastructures; iii) Carry our crisis mapping; iv) Utilize satellite data for damage assessment, v) Develop a data server and data management system at local governments.