Climate Downscaling Training Course

Training 1 focuses on teaching participants on how to carry out dynamical downscaling of climate data using WRF model for Lao PDR. The 5-day training course gives participants an introduction to climate and climate downscaling, the basics of running Read More

Python for Geospatial Data Analysis Training Course

Python for Geospatial Data AnalysisThe Python course teaches participants how to use the scripting language to perform common tasks with vector and raster data that they would ordinarily perform in a GIS with a graphical user interface. Users will Read More

Basics of Google Earth Engine Training Course

Basics of Google Earth Engine The Google Earth Engine Course provides an introduction to vector and raster data manipulation with the Google Earth Engine Code Editor. Participants will use Javascript to access the vast catalog of satellite imagery available Read More

Deep Learning for Satellite Image Analysis Training Course

Deep Learning for Satellite Image Analysis The deep learning course covers the fundamentals of applying machine learning to satellite image analysis. Participants begin with basic regression analysis and progress to neural networks, CNN’s, and U-Net for building extraction & Read More