Establishing a Remote Sensing and GIS (RS/GIS) Laboratory and capacity building in River behavior study for Brahmaputra river, Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis (Assam Sate, India)

Project Period: June 2016 – Dec 2017
Country: Assam State, India


The objective of the project is to setting-up a Remote Sensing and GIS (RS/GIS) Laboratory at Water Resources Department (WRD) of Assam and developing a group of experts with required competence in RS/GIS tools for an effective river behavior study of Brahmaputra river and flood and river bank erosion risk management. Staff of WRD will receive theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experiences in spatial data processing, and analysis. The project has dual benefit of capacity building in a local level to carry out spatial work independently and easier to carry out the field activities once the capacity is built.