GeoEDGE: wins WEBCON-3 Silver Award

Mr. Chathura Hasanka Wickramasinghe, a Reasearch Associate of Geoinformatic Center, AIT who is the key developer of “GeoEDGE“: WebGIS solution under the theme “Visualize data as Maps“ was awareded the silver award at WEBCON3, ACRS2013 in Bali, for its spatial data analysis capabilites and crowd sourcing support. The system is developed based on combination of Opensource WebGIS solutions to manage, visualize and analyse geo spatial data.


WEBCON is organized, in order to promote students and young scientists activities, AARS (Asian Association on Remote Sensing) has organized a web contest WEBCON1 at ACRS2011 in Taipei. Following the success of WEBCON1, WEBCON2 was organized at ACRS2012 in Pattaya, Thailand and WEBCON3 ACRS2013 in Bali, Indonesia. The main objective of the contest is to promote the development of web materials which may give us a future vision of the web related to geo-information sciences. Any students and young scientists who are younger than 35 and have registered to the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing(ACRS) can nominate their web materials to WEBCON.

Please visit the below link to experience GeoEDGE