Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Satellite-based Agriculture Support System (SASS)

Project Period: Sept 2014 – Dec 2017
Countries: Lao PDR, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam
Client: ADB


INAHOR-AD is a combination of number of open source software tools used by RESTEC/AIT Joint Venture under the technical assistance project of Asian Development Bank for development of “Innovative Data Collection Methods for Agricultural and Rural Statistics”. There are four main software tools in INAHOR-AD; QGIS, MutiSpec, INAHOR, KKU-Yield-Model. Each of these software tools run on its own, using specified input and output for each of these tools. Satellite data are being used for paddy area extraction, while GIS tools uses their functionalities for location and area based analysis. Yield models provide analysis of paddy yield based on input from other tools in INAHOR-AD and weather and climatological data. The present INAHOR-AD provides information expected under the technical assistance project, it is requested that the information collected from various sources and derived from INAHOR-AD should be properly managed and should be in an easily manipulated system to bring the wealth of these information for improving the present data collection/management of agricultural statistics in four countries. Based on this requirement, a RDBMS is developed to improve the handling of statistical data under the technical assistance project of RESTEC/AIT.