Area :             Global
Client :           FAO
Start Year :   May 2022
End Year :     Jun 2023
Partners :     

Python Scripts for Module 1, 2 and 3 of Global Agro-Ecological Zoning Version 4 and 5 with Related Documentation (Phase I)

FAO and IIASA have been developing Agro-Ecological Zonation (AEZ) over the last years as decision-support modelling system for the land and agricultural resource potential evaluation to support sustainable improvement to agricultural resources, and its climate impact. The GAEZ system is made up of a series of FORTRAN routines. Despite the full theoretical documentation of GAEZ, the limited knowledge on data preparation and the original routine makes the capacity to generate outputs by a limited restricted number of experts in IIASA. 

As national-level AEZ projects are increasing in demand for address, FAO, FAO-RAP and GIC cooperated developing a prototype of AEZ in python language called PyAEZ as version 1.0.0. PyAEZ is intended to develop as open-source toolbox encasing all the sophisticated conceptual and mathematical logics that GAEZ utilizes; breaking down the complexity of AEZ accessible. The objective is to enhance the technical capacities in developing AEZ to support the researchers and general users’ AEZ projects.