GIC, Remote Sensing Technology of Japan (RESTEC), and Indonesia’s National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) jointly organized an online training course for applying remote sensing to reconstruction monitoring which was held from May 24-28, 2021.

Forty participants from numerous Indonesian governmental agencies were in attendance, including LAPAN, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), the Geospatial Information Agency (Ind: BIG), the National Agency for Disaster Management (Ind: BNPB), the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (Ind: BMKG), and the National Geology Department.

The training course module focused on familiarizing participants with concepts and applications of remote sensing for reconstruction monitoring. Sessions during Module 1 explored remote sensing for disaster management, landslide detection, and applications of InSAR for disaster monitoring. Participants also gained practical experience
using the Geohazard Exploitation Platform (GEP), a cloud-based solution for large scale processing of Earth Observation data for disaster-related work in Indonesia. GIC also introduced the Project Geoportal, which serves as an online visualization tool for data coming from the GEP to monitor pertinent infrastructure. 

This marked the first training course module in a series with further modules to continue through mid-2022. The next training course module is scheduled for 12-16 July 2021.