UNEP CounterMEASURE Phase 2 Webinar

AIT-GIC will be sharing its latest approaches to combat Southeast Asia’s plastic pollution problem at the United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) Webinar:  Discovering Plastic Leakage Hotspots. The three-hour webinar will take place on June 02, 2021 (today) from 10:00 Read More


GIC has created an open source library called Geoserver-rest which addresses challenges commonly faced by online geospatial platforms: how to efficiently upload an extensive collection of geospatial data and generate dynamic styles for visualization within an online platform.   With Read More

2020 Understanding Risk Forum

The Geoinformatics Center  and ITC, University of Twente (Netherlands) will introduce a new open-source risk assessment and decision-making tool (platform) called RiskChanges in a session at the 2020 Understanding Risk Forum on 03 December 2020, 12:00 hrs (UTC). Session Read More