Area    :             Lao PDR
Client  :             GGGI
Start Year :      Jun 2021
End Year   :      Aug 2021
Partners   :      N/A

Climate Modelling Capacity Building for the Department of Climate Change in Lao PDR

Future climate projections and how much a country is prepared to face them is a major factor that determines the future policies to be adopted for sustainable development. Climate directly affects the major drivers of economy in developing countries which is mostly agriculture. Availability of fine resolution and accurate data for both the past and the future according to different climate scenarios will be very much useful for decision makers at top levels to implement necessary policies at present, for the future. The generation of high-resolution climate data is done through the process of downscaling using low resolution global level data for regional climate analysis. 

The objective of the assignment is to provide know-how and necessary resources to the Laos’ Department of Climate Change (DCC) to improve their expertise on climate modeling, climate downscaling, climate projection and analysis to support the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) implementation. We provide consultancy to the DCC’s core team through Training of Trainer approach including guided practical sessions. We organize 3 online trainings and 2 task-oriented learning sessions. 

  • Training 1: Climate downscaling training program and coaching, 
  • Task oriented session 1: Follow up on the climate downscaling training program and coaching, 
  • Training 2: Training on climate projection (GCM selection and downscaling both statistical and dynamical downscaling), 
  • Task oriented session 2: Follow up on the Training on climate projection, 
  • Training 3: Basic data plotting and visualization.