Since 2019, the UN Environment Programme has strived for a clean rivers program in the Asian region, including the Mekong and Ganges River Basins. With the support from the Government of Japan, CounterMEASURE was delivered to seek the answer. 

The Geoinformatics Center was stepping into the global call on enabling digital solutions to achieve the seventeen goals under SDG. Along with the partners under the UNEP CounterMEASURE project, we deliver the message of digital solutions for plastic waste monitoring. pLitter, is introduced, enabling smart plastic litter monitoring. 

Golestan Sally Radwan–Chief Digital Officer of UNEP, emphasized the pressing issue of plastic waste has been approached with digital solutions. She presented CounterMEASURE at UN SDG Digital Day as part of the United Nations General Assembly (UN GA) in New York on Sunday, 17th September 2023. She delivered the important message of the provision of shared geo-referenced data about plastic pollution in rivers and streets in innovative ways. In this session, GIC was responsible for producing the video content for the showcase, which is now publicly available here: 

“It’s not possible to eliminate completely from our economy or life, so the trick is to focus on the most problematic plastic item and the most heavily polluted locations causing plastic leakage into our natural environment” – Sally declared in her speech. This becomes the core principle of the plastic portfolio in GIC, where we located the hotpots and leakage of the plastic at the city level. 

In the future, GIC strives to tackle plastic pollution in our approach to monitoring measures. We continuously improve and explore how plastic can be traced down and monitored thoroughly regarding its leakage into the environment. Keep in touch to get enriched with plastic monitoring technologies and approaches.