The main objective was to develop flood and storm surge risk assessment tools using spatial information technology to contribute in sustainable and resilient infrastructure planning, primarily on the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund (UCCRTF) supported projects.

Vietnam | 2017-2018

  • Developed a Mobile App to collect socioeconomic and infrastructure data for flood hazard exposure and risk mapping;
  • Trained government officials, local consultants, volunteers and to conduct data collection survey using Mobile App;
  • Developed flood and storm surge hazard and risk (physical and socio-economic) maps for Hue;
  • Developed flood hazard and risk (socio-economic) maps for Ha Giang and Vinh Yen;
  • Assisted Knowledge Partners for using the Mobile App for flood exposure mapping in Hue, Vinh Yen, and Ha Giang;
  • Contributed to development of knowledge products and capacity building.