Area :             Myanmar, Cambodia
Client :           IGES
Start Year :   Jun 2022
End Year :     Mar 2023
Partners :      EQM (Myanmar)

Strengthening Capacity for Marine Debris Reduction in ASEAN Region through Formulation of National Action Plans for ASEAN Member States and Integrated Land-to-Sea Policy Approach

The Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) Phase 1 project identified several policy gaps including the need to speed up formulation and implementation of national action plans, lack of inter-ministerial coordination/integrated policy for marine plastic issues, significant shortage and lack of harmonization of baseline data both of statistical waste management data and marine debris, weak infrastructure for solid waste management especially in local government, as well as the informal nature of circular economy approaches, and a lack of monitoring system among other things. 

This project is under JAIF Phase 2 and will address the capacity development needs in Cambodia and Myanmar with the prospect of a comprehensive package of National Action Plan (NAP) development and capacity development at local level implementation of NAP. In this project, we thoroughly assess the plastic waste value chain in the city, mapping the evidence, and improving the locations of plastic which is prone to be leaked to the environment. The activities provided with the participatory of people who using the data collection method and questionnaire involvement on the plastic waste assessment.