PyAEZ, from its official release in December 2022, has been accommodating publicly accessible by researchers around the world as supporting toolbox of agro-ecological zonation methodology for land evaluation for crop productivity.

The Geoinformatics Center of AIT was working together with UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) for PyAEZ new version development as the working group of Global Agro-Ecological Zoning (GAEZ) framework. Regarding this endeavor, GIC received an official invitation from IIASA on R&D of PyAEZ modules and validation of outputs. Within one-month visit duration in Laxenburg, Austria, GIC research associate, Mr. Swun Wunna Htet, worked with IIASA researchers, Dr. Günther Fischer, and Dr. Sylvia Trambrend, with the activity of validation of current PyAEZ implementation of Module II to V and modify according GAEZ v4 logic, under their supervision. Mr. Swun also met with Dr. Dario Spiller from FAO and Dr. Kerrie Geil from the Mississippi State University colleagues from GAEZ working group and discussed their recent progress related to PyAEZ code optimization and Soil Constraints Module. After the visit, GIC will continue updating the source codes of PyAEZ modules aligning with GAEZ routine, working PyAEZ to become a consistent python package with validated outputs.