Area :             Afghanistan
Client :           FAO
Start Year :   May 2020
End Year :     Oct 2020
Partners :     

Strengthening Afghanistan Institutions Capacity for Monitoring and Analysing of Agriculture Production Systems and Development of Land Resources Information Management System (LRIMS) and National Agro-Ecological Zoning (NAEZ)

The project aims to strengthening Afghanistan institutions capacity for monitoring and analysis of agricultural production systems, developing Land Resources Information Management Systems (LRIMS) and National Agro-Ecological Zoning (NAEZ), and enhancing the capacity at national and provincial levels for collection, monitoring, analysis and dissemination of agriculture information based on the integration of remotely-sensed data and technology for decision-making to support agricultural policies and food security in the country.  

NAEZ provides production information under different future conditions including climate and resource input scenarios relevant to agricultural production and local assessment of land suitability. It is based on a geospatial inventory of natural resources and aggregates the result for major land use/cover patterns by administrative units, major river basins and by land protection status. Meanwhile, LRIMS is developed on a modular approach and offers a suite of user-friendly information management and analysis tools organized into this toolbox. With the several outputs provided from NAEZ, LRIMS will allow the user to visualize these data efficiently with an easy interface so that even a layman can make the best use of the system. Furthermore, LRIMS will allow assessments of the physical and socio-economic conditions of the land to be undertaken for planning purposes and the evaluation of the benefits and constraints of different options through the simulation of various scenarios.