The aim of the project was to create tailored Web GIS portals to display and compare flood data, for three Sri Lankan flood events, simulated at the Center for Urban Water. By utilising ESRI’s ArcGIS Online several Web GIS portals were AIT created which included different applications, ranging from time rainfall series data to flood extent summary applications.

Sri Lanka | 2017-2018

  • Created a customise web portal to display historical flood events;
  • Visualization of rainfall time series data, showing rainfall during the flood and an interactive rain map which shows the rainfall over time.
  • Dispalying the simulated flood extents with option to turn on/ off other relevant layers;
  • Dispalying the probable flood loss estimation for buildings in the Colombo region.
  • Developed a story map was created through the combined use of maps, narrative text, images and multimedia content.