Area :             Myanmar
Client :           JAXA
Start Year :   Sept 2013
End Year :     Mar 2014
Partners :     

Flood Hazard Mapping using ALOS/PALSAR Satellite Images and Developing a Database on Elements-at-Risk for Mandalay City

Myanmar faces floods every year. ALOS/PALSAR images were selected before and after floods to delineate the floods during 2006, 2007 and 2008 for the study area of Mandalay City. The analysis was focused on the processing method of SAR images by tracking the change of backscatter values before and during the floods. Flood maps generated were overlaid with the building footprints generated from OSM. A field survey was conducted to identify the major building types in the map generated from OSM. For the population affected by floods, the flood maps were again overlaid with the population density maps obtained from the Asia Pop data to get a quick estimation of the number of people affected by the floods.

The Mini-Project result would be useful to prepare value-added products at the time of flooding. It proved to be very beneficial to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) in terms of capacity building. DMH together with the other relevant departments of the country are willing to utilize the results by building a Geo-Portal so that such information can be updated, shared and at the same time provided to a larger audience in a much lesser time for effective decision-making.