Area :             Lao PDR
Client :           FAO
Start Year :   Dec 2020
End Year :     Feb 2023
Partners :     

Development of Capacity and Implementation of Modelling for Future Climate Projections

The project is the third phase of climate downscaling works and capacity building conducted in Lao PDR. 

The goal of the project is to support national institutions in developing their capacity to support information creation and knowledge exchange on the agrometeorological and agricultural production and strengthen the land resource information. These outputs will support the development of agro-ecological zoning (AEZ) and the institutional capacities to inputs to support agricultural policy development and local adaptation. It will seek to achieve this through two key objectives:  

  1. To enhance at national and provincial levels, monitoring, analysis, communication, and use of agro-meteorological data and information for decision-making in relation to agriculture and food security and  
  2. To improve monitoring and analysis of agricultural production systems by strengthening Land Resources Information Management Systems (LRIMS) and Agro-Ecological Zoning (AEZ) to support agricultural policies and climate-change adaptation.   

In particular, the project Strengthening Agro-climatic Monitoring and Information Systems (SAMIS) to improve adaptation to climate change and food security in Lao PDR is implementing the following activities:  

  • Development of Agro-climate Atlas for all production areas for wider use under the Output: Laboratory for agro-meteorological analysis, instrument calibration and geospatial climate data access, monitoring, processing facilities established and functioned at DMH, Vientiane  
  • Downscaling of high-resolution climate change scenarios for the whole country and also for all major crop production zones under the output: Impact scenarios of water availability, crop yield and socioeconomics for all major agro-ecological zones assessed and adaptation strategies developed.