Various IoT (Internet of Things) improvements are applied with the low-cost and dismantled devices with user-friendly data transfer. IoT comes for improving the application of computing devices to improve the tool utilisation in mapping. With the ease of data transfer, the improvement of IoT has been expanded in our team to develop smart, replicable, and scalable solutions in shape. In GIC, IoT has been applied in several fields of waste management, agriculture, and river observation.

Our utilisation of IoT mainly focuses on environmental issues, including plastic waste and sensors for soil moisture. Our specialisation is improved on the built-in sensors utilising 3D printing devices, and connecting the devices to the user-friendly app. We also partner with several authorities and international organizations in Asia and Europe to deploy our technology.

IoT introduces the products of the RnD such as soil moisture sensors, applied smart CCTV system for plastic detection on the river surface, and also deployment of in-house devices Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Currently, we are focusing on the construction of a CCTV monitoring system for plastic in the river and make the concise structure and scalable device in three phases.

Device for Soil Moisture Detection
AI-enabled CCTV for Plastic Floating in the River