Mobile Application

Mobile phones with GPS capabilities have opened the door to new possibilities for data collection, mapping, and analysis. These devices offer a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for capturing and sharing location-based information, enabling a wide range of applications in Read More

Data Analytics

The age of big data is here, where vast amounts of information are incorporated into various systems. The Geoinformatics Center is taking steps to improve the management of this data and develop more effective information systems.  As a leading Read More

IoT Applications

Various IoT (Internet of Things) improvements are applied with the low-cost and dismantled devices with user-friendly data transfer. IoT comes for improving the application of computing devices to improve the tool utilisation in mapping. With the ease of data Read More


GNSS, or Global Navigation Satellite System, is a technology and methodology procedure to define the position, depending on the reference. GNSS particularly referred to the location identification in quantitative form from the earth surface based on the datum or Read More

Web Platforms

Web based platforms are our go-to solution when we want to reach out to wider audiences. Web platforms are powerful solutions that can capture, analyse, manipulate and visualize geo-referenced data, utilizing the server resources, in more powerful and innovation Read More